Our Cats - Males - Ripple Spod Wawelu PL of Raydusoleil a.k.a. NIKO

Name Ripple Spod Wawelu PL of Raydusoleil a.k.a. NIKO
D.O.B March 12 2018
Breed Maine Coon
Sex Male
Color Cream
Breeder Anna Jankowska
SMA DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N) HCM DNA: Negative for mutation (N/N) PK Deficiency DNA: HCM Screening: to young

Ripple Spod Wawelu of Raydusoleil a.k.a. NIKO has a beautiful head with well-placed ears finished with long tufts. He has a wide muzzle, long body, and a long fluffy tail. I'm introducing my new breeding male. Spod Wawelu Ripple of Raydusoleil a.k.a. Niko. He has an excellent pedigree. Niko is very friendly, loves petting and cuddles. Niko comes when we call him and is very interested in everything that is going on at home. All other cats have accepted him from day one. We love our new boy very much. In the future, we are expecting him to father beautiful kittens. Thank you, Anna, for this wonderful boy.