Our Cats - Memory - Raydusoleil Deedee

Name Raydusoleil Deedee
D.O.B April 29 2009
Breed Maine Coon
Sex Female
Color Red Silver Classic Tabby
Breeder Maya Strzelec

On March 7, 2012 our most amazing and beautiful girl DeeDee passed away from us suddenly and unexpectedly. Everything happened so quickly, DeeDee slept with us, ate, and appeared fine until that fatal day. She was in her 62nd day of pregnancy when she showed us that she was feeling ill. Immediately she was taken to the vet where we learned that she had a torsion of the uterus, that caused a closed pyometra infection. For DeeDee and her seven unborn kittens it was too late. We were in complete shock and in deep pain. DeeDee was born on April 29, 2009 of seven kittens from our 'D' litter after Fiji & Uma. She was the sweetest cat, super intelligent, calm, always close to us and part of our lives. She passed her lovely personality to two beautiful litters "N" and "V." She was a breeder's dream, with a beautiful long body, strong bones, size of a male cat, long tail, square chin, large ears, and unique red silver coloring. DeeDee was extra special. We loved her very much and we miss her deeply.