Kitten Info

The Most Magnificent Cats Under The Sun
Ray du Soleil Maine Coons

The Maine Coon is the largest representative of the household cat breed. He is gentle, charming, loyal, intelligent and family-oriented. These cats become strongly devoted to their human companions, many people say that they are dog-like. Maine Coons are social, curious, and love to participate in your daily activities. They love to be in the center of attention. They are playful and energetic, making their presence known. Maine Coons easily get along with other pets.

Our Maine Coon type is characterized by the unique wild expression and grand size. The body is strongly built and muscular, with a broad chest and tall legs emphasizing the long rectangular shape. The have a beautiful double coat and a plume tail. Other distinct features that you will find in a Maine Coon are large ears with tufts, almond eyes, and a long and square muzzle. The Maine Coon fully matures at 3-4 years.

We treat our cats like children. We dedicate our hearts and time to raising our Maine Coons, making sure that they are healthy, have a great temperament, and have great looks. They are truly the most magnificent cats under the sun.

Selection Process

We are very serious when it comes to selecting new families for our kittens. It's our priority that our kittens find happy, loving, and responsible homes. This new kitten will become your companion for life. If you are interested in adopting a Maine Coon kitten from Ray du Soleil Cattery, please introduce yourself when contacting us. We would like to get to know you better so as the first step we will ask you to complete our questionnaire.

Kitten selection can be difficult for some people because they haven't met the kittens yet. Visitations are at nine weeks and you're welcome to wait, but we can't guarantee that kittens will be available. Most of the families do select their kittens from Photos. The first pictures we take at 2 weeks, and then every few weeks until 12 weeks. Adoption is between 13­14 weeks.